Best Tools For Recruiters

When it comes to recruiting, there are hundreds of different tools out there to help find and connect with both candidates and potential clients. As a recruiter, there are so many tools thrown at us, it can be overwhelming. This is why we put together some of the best tools for recruiters that if you aren’t using already, you should start!

1) Linkedin

Linkedin has completely transformed the world of recruiting as we know it. Never before was there a social media site dedicated to professionals actually seeking to connect with one another. As a result, it has provided an entirely new avenue for recruiters to find talent, fast! 

2) Clearbit Connect

One thing recruiters spend a lot of time doing is figuring out who someone is and how to get in touch with them. It is a necessary but time consuming process. Clearbit is a great tool that makes it a lot easier to find accurate and up-to-date data! Users can install the Gmail extension to display valuable information about the people who email you, or use their API to find contact information.

Their Salesforce integration tool ensures you have the right data, when and where you need it, allowing you to identify which leads to focus on. You can even build custom solutions

When it comes to a flexible enrichment solution, this one is top of the line.

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3) Calendly

Recruiter’s days are packed with candidate interviews and this tool is awesome at helping to organize your busy schedule. The tool essentially allows you to set your availability and allows candidates and clients to schedule time on your calendar without all the back and forth emails.

You can easily integrate the tool with Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendars so you are never double booked and it works with existing applications. It also offers time zone detection, allowing people to schedule meetings in their own time zone, preventing any confusion and wasting time with missed meetings.

4) Asana 

This is a great and necessary tool to help with project management. If you have multiple team members seeing a project through to completion, it can be tough to keep track of the projects status. This platform allows you to coordinate all the work your team does together. With Asana, everyone knows what needs to get done, what their role is, and the timeline for finishing.

5) Self Management Group

Need a great candidate assessment tool that objectively validates your screening and selection process? Recruiters know how difficult it can be to predict employee potential and performance or as this group calls it, POP. They offer the most science-based assessment tools on the market with over 35 years of data to measure key success factors. One of their strengths is the always difficult sales profiling.

6) ConveyIQ

This is an excellent Talent Communications Platform that allows recruiters to spend more time sourcing great candidates and less time on administrative tasks. This tool allows you to conduct video interviews, communicate via email and text, schedule interviews, and even incorporates metrics and feedback. It’s utilized by major brands like Zappos, airbnb and The New York Times.