Customize Your LinkedIn URL

When you create a LinkedIn profile, it automatically creates a URL for you, which usually consists of the name you used followed by a dash “-” and a bunch of numbers and letters. This can make it difficult for colleagues and potential employers to find you. Customizing your LinkedIn URL not only makes your profile look more professional, but also makes it easier to provide this information to your network so they can find you. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Login to LinkedIn and click on your Profile – select the profile photo icon on the toolbar where it says “Me” and then click “View Profile”
  2. In the top right corner click “Edit Public Profile & URL” – this will open up a new tab in your browser
  3. On the new tab, in the top right corner, you will see “Edit URL”, click the blue pen icon next to your URL – this will allow you to edit the URL (everything after
  4. Customize your URL to your first and last name and click “Save”
  5. If you get the error “URL is not available”, this URL is already taken and you may have to add in a middle initial or a job title at the end

Try to keep your URL as simple and short as possible. This is not where you add in something like “Effective business leader and sales driver”. Save that for your headline.

Here are some examples of URL’s that are short and sweet.


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