How to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

When applying for a job, there are several things that can happen. We often dread the rejection email or phone call, as we feel we have put so much time and effort into our resume and application process. Staying motivated is the most important factor in a successful job search.

Do you feel like giving up on your search for the perfect job? Don’t fret—we have some tips to stay on top of things!

Two of the most common issues that applicants encounter when searching for a job are rejection and lack of communication or “ghosting”. Sometimes employers literally disappear on you, going months without hearing back about a job you applied to, and when you finally hear back, it’s a rejection letter. This is frustrating, as you most likely checked in with the company several times with no response, only to find out that all of your time invested was for nothing.

Here are some helpful insights to prove, it’s not you!

  • Open Job Listings: Some companies are required to list open jobs externally on their website, even if they already have an internal prospect to fill the position. This means that some of the jobs you’re applying to aren’t really open positions.
  • Promote from Within: Similar to the above, some companies post the jobs both internally and externally but are required to interview every internal candidate that applies to each job and often promote from within.
  • Large Pool of Applicants: Extremely popular job listings receive hundreds of applicants in a very short amount of time. The problem that usually occurs here is that the company may look through the first 25 applications and find a fit. The company then discards all other applications and yours is never even viewed.
  • Enhancing Their Talent Pools: Some organizations will leave job listings up to continuously receive applicants even if there is no current opening just to enhance their talent pool when the time comes to start searching.
  • Your Resume Isn’t Optimized: Almost every employer uses an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) these days and it is important that your resume follows certain guidelines so that it gets picked up in searches. The more keywords you have on your resume, the better but things like text boxes or lines that go across the entire page can cause problems.

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When one of these (extremely frustrating) instances occur and you get turned down from a job, how do you stay motivated?

  • Find the best way to structure your job search. Online tools like LinkedIn use a number of resources to ensure that job listings are legitimate. There are still times when we discover listings that lead to nowhere, but using these tools enables applicants to weigh all possibilities.
  • Reach out and follow up, don’t just apply. When you apply for a job, it is almost always beneficial to reach out to the employer or hiring manager shortly after you submit your application. A simple conversation informing the employer that you have applied and are interested in a position will show that you are eager and will help you understand if this is a legitimate opportunity.
  • Understand that it’s not a reflection of you/your application. Hiring new employees is only one of many tasks being completed by businesses, especially in large corporations. It is important to understand that a rejection without any opportunity for an interview is not a reflection of your capabilities.

It is easy to become discouraged and feel as if you will never obtain the job you are hoping for, but it is important to understand that there will always be opportunities. Getting frustrated and becoming impatient will not make the process move along more quickly or easily, so keep calm and carry on with your job search!

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