Recruiting and Your Online Presence

According to a recent study, 92% of recruiters are using social media to find qualified candidates and more than 70% reject candidates based off of what they find online. This proves that it is more important than ever to be aware of your online presence and what is out there about you online. This means doing some digging and not just through your own social media accounts but on your those of your friends and connections and throughout other hidden places on the web.

In today’s recruiting world, your social media profile (most of the time LinkedIn) is now your first impression. A majority of recruiters see a LinkedIn profile as just as important as a resume and rest assured; they will be looking at it… thoroughly. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is in tiptop shape by scheduling a free consultation with our Branding Experts…

While your going through and cleaning things up, it is also important to focus on what you want employers to see. Recruiters are eager to learn specific things about your experience, knowledge base, and work history and the more detailed information you can provide, the more you will get noticed. Here are some things to get rid of and some things to keep on social media:

Things to Get Rid of:

1. Old Pictures 
You are a professional adult now remember, it’s time to take down the pictures of you at Ultra Music Festival with your friends… especially if you were underage at the time. It’s fine to keep pictures of you and your friends enjoying some time together, but not in a skimpy bikini or at the beach with a beer in your hand.

2. Anything negative about a previous employer or supervisor
This can be an employers worst nightmare… the employee that quit or got let go and now is going on a tirade about how it “wasn’t their fault” and their “supervisor should be fired” or “it’s a toxic environment”. If you want to vent, do it at home to your significant other or your mom, but keep it off social media.

3. Relationship status
If you are happily engaged or married and want the whole world to know it, congratulations. Otherwise, employers are really not interested (and neither are your friends) in how many times you and your girlfriend broke up last summer. Nor are they interested in getting in the middle of your arguments, so keep the back and forth to your own personal text messages and try to avoid blasting it over social media.

4. Dating profiles
Yep, recruiters are EVERYWHERE. Just beware of what you post on dating websites or apps. Whether you think it’s fair or not, what you put out there on a personal dating website can be held against you in the eyes of an employer when they are looking for the best candidate.

5. Political Views
Okay, so there is such thing as freedom of speech, but again, you don’t necessarily need to go off on a tangent about your political views online, where you can never take them back. No one wants that person in the office that is pushing their views onto everyone else whether they want to hear about it or not.

Things to Showcase:

1. You Got the Most out of Your Education
Employers like to see candidates that took certain high level courses, have additional industry certifications, specified in a subject related to the job you are applying to, studied abroad, participated in clubs, sports or other activities while at school. Although it is not necessary to include the year you graduated/attended or your GPA, you can include if you graduated with honors.

2. You Have a Strong Knowledge Base in Your Field
Create your brand by showcasing those skills you worked so hard to get. Whether you created your own website on the weekend or participate in an industry association, employers want to know that you are self-motivated and gained experience on your own time.

3. Career Progression and Leadership Ability
Anytime that you can demonstrate to an employer that you “did well” at a job, is great. If you spent 10 years at the same company, don’t just include your most recent position. Show that you started in a lesser role and worked your way up to where you are today. If you were selected to lead a project or a team, whether it be in school or at work, employers want to know. People management and leadership is a tough skills to come by.

4. You Are Driven
What is going to truly set you a part from the competition might not be your Suma Cum Laude status at graduation but what you do in your spare time. Do you volunteer? What are your values, passions and goals? Do you go above and beyond your job description because you truly enjoy what you do?